Displex LCD Scratch Remover

Displex LCD Scratch Remover
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Product Description

Cell phone displays have a tendency to scratch easily, making the screen look dull and unsightly. Instead of replacing your entire screen, which can be very costly, use a magic polish to make those unsightly scratches disappear. Displex offers a simple solution to remove scratches from your cell phone, PDA, iPOD, or any other electronic or mobile device susceptible to scratches. With the Displex Display Polish, you can easily rub away the scratches without damaging your screen. Displex removes scratches on cell phones and iPods by lightly dissolving the top layer of the plastic lens with fine abrasive particles, and filling in the fissures with the material of the lens itself.

Even a slight scratch can make your mobile device look shabby and dull. Sharpen up the appearance by polishing your display. Donít settle for expensive replacements.With the Displex Display Polish, you can now eliminate scratches and dings with speed and ease.

  • Apply the Displex Display Polish paste to the mobile device, PDA or iPod display
  • Rub the scratches for 2-3 minutes with a clean, soft cotton pad, adding pressure as needed
  • Repeat application as necessary for deep scratches
  • Finally, remove any residue left after application
Not to be used on touch screens, or LCDs Monitors