Sidekick 3 III Pink Carbon Fiber Skin

Sidekick 3 III Pink Carbon Fiber Skin
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Product Description

Change the style of your Sidekick 3, by providing some ďskinĒ protection to your Sidekick III. The Sidekick III skin pack includes skins or decals for the front, back, sides and the LCD display for overall protection, with a unique design to match your personal style. The Pink Carbon Fiber Decal Skin includes a separate screen protector for your Sidekick IIIís LCD screen. This Carbon Fiber Skin for the Sidekick III protects against scratches and dings which can accumulate from daily use. The skin is made of a high quality vinyl material that is easy to install and contours every curve of your Sidekick III.

T-Mobile Sidekick III Pink Carbon Fiber Skin Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Protects your SideKick III from scratches and bumps
  • Unique carbon fiber look
  • Specific cut outs to fit your SideKick perfectly
  • Includes LCD screen protector
Compatible with:
T-Mobile Sidekick III (3)

Installation Directions:

  1. Clean your Sidekick III thoroughly, and make sure itís free of any dirt or oils. Peel the clear top layer along the skin, separating it from the white backing paper
  2. Line up the skin without letting it adhere to the Sidekick III. Itís easiest to find a point of reference, like the microphone or key button, when lining up the skin to the phone
  3. Progressively, rub side-to-side from one end of the skin to the other (example, bottom to top). Be sure to avoid trapping air
  4. After completing step three, rub throughout and then remove the clear top layer carefully.